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Zyto - A Biocommunication Scan Unit

Simple Painless Process

To help with your weight management goals and a healthier lifestyle our technician provides with you the ZYTO scan that can reveal correlations, patterns, and trends in the items that you were scanned for.  This reveals additional key information to help us remove the barriers preventing you from achieving optimal wellness. 


By collecting data directly from the body, a ZYTO biocommunication scan can provide insights into your personal wellness that may have gone unnoticed previously. This helps them to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in the data so they can ask more relevant questions to make better decisions.

ZYTO biocommunication technology helps you consider biologically coherent wellness options you may not have thought of before by providing you with a variety of data points from which to make decisions. Because the data comes directly from the body, it is highly accurate and personalized.

ZYTO scanning asks important questions that they would have never thought of asking otherwise—leading to an “aha” moment for our guests. Wellness advocates routinely remark that the recommendations from ZYTO scans keep our guests coming back time and time again.

Natural Weight Loss

Stay Active

3-4 Days a Week

Walk, Swim, Run or Jog

An Active Lifestyle

A Healthy Heart Rate

A Good Resting Heart Rate Leads To Healthy Life

Boost Your Health

A Minor Strength Training Supports Bone Health.