Mineral Body Wraps


Mineral Body Wraps

Visual Tonning, Tightening and Inch Loss

Our Mineral Body Wraps here at Healthy Weigh Living, have been around since 1969, and has been Hollywood’s best-kept secret! We guarantee you’ll look 6-20 inches slimmer after your first visit or your second consultation will be FREE!

Our body wraps achieve the ultimate level of personal care. Additionally, we prepare our wraps solutions using only the finest food grade inorganic minerals and purest water. Utilizing minerals and electrolytes our wraps achieve visual toning, tightening, and inch loss. Our wraps go further; sculpting, visually reducing cellulite and stretch marks rounding out our process. 


 For our guests who have trouble in specific areas that just won’t seem to budge. The “Healthy Weigh Living” solution delivers results to the belly, butt, and ‘saddle’ bags. For some of us, no matter how hard we diet and exercise, these areas seem to be the hardest to slim down. Not only do you lose inches but you will lose body fat as you will be perspiring and burning up to 1200 calories.

Natural Weight Loss

Stay Active

3-4 Days a Week

Walk, Swim, Run or Jog

An Active Lifestyle

A Healthy Heart Rate

A Good Resting Heart Rate Leads To Healthy Life

Boost Your Health

A Minor Strength Training Supports Bone Health. 

Painless~ Non-Invasive~All Natural

Lose 10 to 40 Pounds in Just 10 to 20 Weeks


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Sat: 10am - 4pm

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#1 In America in Losing

Pounds and Inches



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