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Healthy Weigh Treatment Room

It often requires a team working together to achieve extraordinary results.

We are a team of professionals with decades of experience in health and wellness.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours!

Innovative and Dedicated Professionals

Richard Kelly, branched out the one-stop-shop for losing weight naturally, whether it is Medi Wraps,  Light Therapy, or other natural remedies.


From being a city councilman to Managing Payroll in UPS, Richard pursued several opportunities until the day he met a doctor and chemist from Germany.  With their common interests in good healthy ways of life, within a short time, Richard along with his German partner opened the first  Commercial Body Wrap Salon in the country.   Due to its unique concept and proven results,

Body Wrap Salons branched out all over the United States and eventually 23 countries worldwide.


A few years ago, Richard went all over Florida following his Dream of a newer version of the Body Wrap, a different formula, all-natural way to lose INCHES AND POUNDS under one roof.!!   

Richard's knowledge along with proven success resulted in a new venture, combining high-tech weight loss methods with All Natural Mediwrap process. 


This was Richard's lifetime goal and in a very short time, the first five locations with this novel concept experienced tremendous success.


Richard and his partners are excited to see this Unique concept of taking POUNDS and INCHES Naturally a Success Nationally while sharing business ventures with new partners.

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Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly 

Richard Kelly is known and recognized as the founder of MediWraps. 

Luke Todd

          Luke Todd

the co-founder/CF, Fifth generation Floridian from Lake Wales, with a background in Automotive and Retail Sales. 

Lee Glotzbach

          Lee Glotzbach

Past-Vice President of Citrus Memorial Hospital,