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Come in and meet our dedicated staff. Compare our methods with those of the past.
This is a comprehensive program of Life-Changing Magnitude, designed to guarantee your weight loss journey will be successful.

You will begin your journey with a complete Body Analysis to determine the adrenal gland and thyroid functions. You will receive weekly scans of your BMI(Body Mass Index) the scan will determine what is actually going on inside your body.


After readout of your muscular skeleton relationship and the amount of visceral fat, it will determine your real age, and you may be surprised at what you learn. The visceral fat is the ugly fat that wraps around your organs. You will be scanned weekly. We will keep a journal of your weight loss, fat loss, and inch loss. You can watch your age go in reverse as you regain health and vitality.


A New You With Healthy Weigh LIVING

Your diet and the nutritional plan will be designed with your lifestyle in mind. For less money than most diet plans, in addition to your personalized diet plan along with a fabulous recipe book, you will receive seven MediWraps.  That will shrink fat cells, reduce inches, and reshape your body while losing your weight.

Toning your skin as you lose weight will make a huge difference in your appearance. With our Infrared Therapy, also known as a Lipo melt system which will melt the fat cells, just below the skin, liquefy and release them. By combining our MediWrap System and our Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Units, you will see yourself with amazing results. 

Our Services

cool slimming

Body Wraps

We use only the finest food grade inorganic minerals and purest water in our wrap solutions.

foot detox florida

Our Ionic Detox Foot Bath will help you get rid of these toxic substances naturally and effectively. You will see the marvelous effects, physically and mentally, in a single session.

Detox Foot Bath

Proven for many years, infrared red light therapy is an effective, natural weight management or fat loss strategy.  

Infrared Light Therapy


Enjoy a relaxing 15 minutes pampered by our Eneo Avalogi Device that concentrates the forever flawless black diamond infused thermal cream and anti-aging system to the deepest level of your cells for an enticing facelift.

24K Diamond

Thermal FaceLift 

24K Gold and Diamond Thermal Face Lift T

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Weight Loss Program That Really Works For You....!

We are helping other professionals replicate our success with easy investment programs.

Our all-natural program will make your practice the #1 "Pound and Inch Loss" location ANYWHERE!

cool slimming

Target Deep Fat Tone, Lift & Sculpt, Eliminate Cellulite, Surface Fat, All in One Hour 

Body Sculpting

Mineral Medi Wraps treatment that targets deep Fat tone, Lift and Sculpt, Eliminate Cellulite & Surface Fat!!!


Healthy Weigh Living offer different packages, give us a call to learn more.

Before & After 

Toning your skin as you lose weight will make a huge difference in your appearance. By combining our MediWrap System and our Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Units, you will see yourself with amazing results. 

Real You! Real Results! Get Started With Healthy Weigh Living!  

A Proven Program That Fit All Ages and All Sizes
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Hi, my name is Martha. #2020 has been challenging. I'm sure it has been for you, too! I'm an essential worker. I've only had 4 days off during this COVID time. I was in search of a Spa Rejuvenation. I found #HeiligHaus. I invite you to follow me on my journey here Heilig Haus. Let me catch you up. I came for my 1st appt on 9/18. I had #WholeBody Red Light Therapy & Medi Wrap. I lost 18". I became a Club Member and started my Vitamin Meds. My 2nd appt today, 9/25, I released 5.2 lbs. I had Whole Body  Red Light Therapy & Medi Wrap. I lost another 22". I added the Foot Detox. If you are in search of your own rejuvenation, call Satya for your get-acquainted appointment.

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Lose 10 to 40 Pounds in Just 10 to 20 Weeks


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